Snake Venom Cream Benefits

As we age we all get wrinkles, these being the result of the accumulation over the years of activity by the the 60 muscles it takes for us to smile, frown or form any other facial expression. This activity causes the facial muscles to strengthen, which forces the skin to be pulled tighether together , causing the facial skin to fold, leaving fine lines and wrinkles.

SYN®-AKE, like botox injections, counters this by relaxing the facial muscles through paralysis, smoothing out the face by allowing the skin to lay more smoothing, without the tension that caused wrinkles to occur in the first place. This paralyzing of the muslces leaves you with a face that’s more youthful than before, and unlike botox, the effect of snake venom creams is only temporary and doesn’t require any injections or other more invasive treatment to achieve it.

The anti-ageing effect of SYN®-AKE tends to be a lot more subtle than botox, which can limit your facial expression, often leaving your face looking emotionless and with a mask-like appearance. They’re also most apparent after 28 days of consecutive use, with a clinical study of the product showed an averahe shrinkage in wrinkle size and definition of 52%.

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