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Mizon is hands-down one of the great success stories of the cosmetics industry in Korea, making it one of the most popular, most recognisable brands both in Korea and around the world. Founded back in 2000, Mizon is the result of five researchers coming together, all of whom worked for a number of other leading, prestigious Korean cosmetic brands. Their vision was to create a brand that creates products based on sound research and development, offering only tried and tested cosmetics to consumers.

The Mizon brand today is one of the most beloved in Korea and is famed to their use of high quality, innovative ingredients in their products. They’re also known for offering their cosmetics at a relatively low cost compared to similar products from other Korean snake venom cream brands, making their range of cosmetics far more accessible to consumers, all at far greater value.

Mizon’s flag ship Syn-Ake product line is Mizon S-Venom Wrinkle Tox Cream, a facial cream design specifically to help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by tightening the skin. The company also offer a wide range of other cosmetic products, including creams, essences, lotions and serums for you to choose from.

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Mizon Snake Venom Cream

Mizon Snake Venom Cream

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