Sabah’s Flying Snake to Star in New BBC Documentary

Sabah’s Flying Snake to Star in New BBC Documentary

The unique abilities of a species of snake native to Sabah, Malaysia to fly has become the subject of a new documentary.

Radin Malleh, Sabah’s rural development minister, said that the BBC documentary is scheduled to be aired worldwide.

The documentary, aptly titled “The Flying Snake”, was filmed over two weeks at the Sabah Agriculture Park, located at Lagud Seberang, Tenom, and showcases the snakes unique ability to fly and glide for up to 100 meters from tree to tree.

The snake is called Kukuo Ra’laa in the Murut Timugon language which is spoken to the indigenous people of Sabah.

The main purpose of Sabah’s agriculture park is conversation of native plant species and due to it’s location has fast proved it’s potential as an agrotourism center for visiting researchers and scientists.

Management at the park have been urged to widen their promotion stategies to include co-operation with the local Murut Cultural Centre, Tenom Coffee Factory and Pomelo Plantation, to offer tours to tour groups to increase visitor numbers to the area by local government officials.

It’s yet to be confirmed when the new documentary will air, but it’s expected to do so within the next few months.