New York Police Seize Two Giant Snakes From Panhandler in Times Square


Two snakes were confiscated by police in New York’s Time Square this week, one of which was a non-venomous boa constrictor.

The police who confiscated the snake at the Midtown North Precinct tweeted a photo of two of their offices posing with one of the reptiles, a large, yellow and white snake.

‘Sgt. Alamarie and PO Glans confiscate a Boa Constrictor Snake in Times Square. Good Job #NYPD #MTN #TimesSquare.’ read the tweet.

According to the responding officers, the man was attempting to panhandle people walking past by attempting to place the snakes on them.

Jason Wilson, 34, was issued with a criminal complaint summons for the possession of wild animals.

According to local authorities the snakes were handed over to animal control.