Man Attempts Rattlesnake Selfie, Ends Up With $150,000 Medical Bill


A man in the US decided to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, known for the potency of it’s snake venom, ending up with a medical bill of US$150,000 after suffering a bite for his trouble.

According to the report from local news station 10News, Todd Fassler picked up the rattlesnake which led to him being bitten.

Fassler, who previously owned a pet rattlesnake, was confident that handling a wild snake in the same way that he had his pet would be fine, however, the bite landed him in hospital, where he received a whopping $150,000 bill for his treatment.

Hospitals in the US are reported to charge as much as $5,000 for each bottle of anti-venom they administer, and Fassler apparently needed the anti-venom stores of two separate hospitals to treat his bite, which is why the treatment cost so much.