Snakes Saved From Indian Poachers Pretending to be Charmers at Taj Mahal


Indian wildlife campaigns have rescued some 33 endangered serpents from phoney snake chambers from the country’s most famous landmark, the Taj Mahal.

The snakes, which were mostly cobras, were being used by poachers pretending to be traditional snake charmers in a scheme designed to dupe tourists into parting with their money.

The rescued snakes had had their venom glands gouged out and their fangs broken off to make them harmless, with the mouths of the non-venomous rat snakes having being stitched up.

Working in conjunction with both the police and forestry departments, Wildlife SOS were able to seized a total of 27 cobras, four rat snakes, a red sand boa and a python.… Read more

New York Police Seize Two Giant Snakes From Panhandler in Times Square


Two snakes were confiscated by police in New York’s Time Square this week, one of which was a non-venomous boa constrictor.

The police who confiscated the snake at the Midtown North Precinct tweeted a photo of two of their offices posing with one of the reptiles, a large, yellow and white snake.

‘Sgt. Alamarie and PO Glans confiscate a Boa Constrictor Snake in Times Square. Good Job #NYPD #MTN #TimesSquare.’ read the tweet.

According to the responding officers, the man was attempting to panhandle people walking past by attempting to place the snakes on them.… Read more

Man Attempts Rattlesnake Selfie, Ends Up With $150,000 Medical Bill


A man in the US decided to take a selfie with a rattlesnake, known for the potency of it’s snake venom, ending up with a medical bill of US$150,000 after suffering a bite for his trouble.

According to the report from local news station 10News, Todd Fassler picked up the rattlesnake which led to him being bitten.

Fassler, who previously owned a pet rattlesnake, was confident that handling a wild snake in the same way that he had his pet would be fine, however, the bite landed him in hospital, where he received a whopping $150,000 bill for his treatment.… Read more

Pregnant Mother Sucks Snake Venom from Bitten Son’s Leg

Pregnant Mother Sucks Snake Venom from Bitten Son’s Leg

An expectant mother in California attempted to suck rattlesnake venom out of her 4 year old son’s ankle after the boy had been bitten when accidentally stepping on the snake during a hike.

The pair were hiking a trial in Folsom, just outside Sacramento, when the bite occurred.

She saw two puncture wounds on her son and noted that his ankle had started to balloon and had turned purple.

Jaclyn credits her swift actions to episodes of Bonanza, where the actors would often respond to snake bite by manually sucking out the snake venom.… Read more

Sutton Police in One House Stand-Off With Garden Ornament

Sutton Police in One House Stand-Off With Garden Ornament

Police in Sutton, South London, were locked in a stand-off with what they thought was a live snake, before realising that it was no more than a garden ornament.

The animal charity, the RSPCA, called on the police after hearing of reports about a reptile on the loose outside a block of flats to assist them in removing the animal.

Eventually, one local resident informed them that the snake was in fact a garden ornament, much to everyone’s amusement.

A spokesman for the local police joked that ”Officers refused to be rattled when they were called to a report of a snake lurking on a patio garden area to a block of flats.”

“Police were called at 6.36am by the RSPCA who had received a call from a member of the public, who was especially concerned because the snake was spotted near local schools.”

“Officers attended and viewed the reptile from the street about two to three metres away and repositioned themselves to take a photograph of it from above about 1.5 metres away.”

“It seemed to have blended in with the colour of its surroundings – as if for its own protection.”

“One of the officers attending observed, It wasn’t moving but they can stay still for a long time.… Read more

Sabah’s Flying Snake to Star in New BBC Documentary

Sabah’s Flying Snake to Star in New BBC Documentary

The unique abilities of a species of snake native to Sabah, Malaysia to fly has become the subject of a new documentary.

Radin Malleh, Sabah’s rural development minister, said that the BBC documentary is scheduled to be aired worldwide.

The documentary, aptly titled “The Flying Snake”, was filmed over two weeks at the Sabah Agriculture Park, located at Lagud Seberang, Tenom, and showcases the snakes unique ability to fly and glide for up to 100 meters from tree to tree.

The snake is called Kukuo Ra’laa in the Murut Timugon language which is spoken to the indigenous people of Sabah.… Read more

Scientists Research Rattlesnakes to Create Realistic Snake Robot

Scientists Research Rattlesnakes to Create Realistic Snake Robot

A team of scientists have created a robot capable of mimicking real snake movement based on their extensive research of Rattlesnakes, creating a robot that is capable of taking rapid, sharp turns, similarly to the real thing.

The researchers teams up with experts at Zoo Atlanta to study the motions of sidewinding snakes before utilising their observations in their own robot. Their observations reveal two distinct waves in the motion of sidewinding snakes; vertical and horizontal, both of which they were able to successfully recreate.

“We’ve been programming snake robots for years and have figured out how to get these robots to crawl amidst rubble and through or around pipes,” said Howie Choset, one of the researchers involved in the project.… Read more

Thieves Steal 38 Snakes From Merseyside Flat

Thieves Steal 38 Snakes From Merseyside Flat

Police in Merseyside are appealing for information after theives stole a total of 38 snakes, including eight that were pregnant females, from a flat in St Helens.

The thieves broke in to the flat last monday, with two men seen leaving the address with two sacks before making their getaway in a dark coloured vehicle.

Most of the snakes were Royal Pythons, a species that can grow up to 5ft (1.5 meters) in length and are non-venomous, posing no threat to the public.

Officers suspect that they will be sold on to local snake handlers or via the internet as there is a thriving specialised market for such snakes in the UK.… Read more

Snake Venom May Help Prevent the Spread of HIV

Snake Venom May Help Prevent the Spread of HIV

Research by a group of doctors based at the JSPS Government Homeopathic Medical College and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in Hyderabad, India, has shown some promise for snake venom, similar to the synthetic venom found in snake venom creams, as a homeopathic medicine for the prevention of the spread of HIV within the body.

The group’s findings were revealed at the 2015 World Homeopathy Summit, held last week in Mumbai, India.

According to Dr Praveen Kumar, Head of Department of Practice of Medicine at JSPS College, Crotalus Horridus works to inhibit the action of reverse transcriptase (RT), an enzyme that is responsible for DNA multiplication within host cells.… Read more

Nokia Classic Snake Can Now be Played in London Fountains

Nokia Classic Snake Can Now be Played in London FountainsFans of Nokia’s legendary classic, the Nokia 3310, have the opportunity to experience the thrills of mobile gaming classic “Snake” at a new installation in London, which allows users to play the game through a series of fountains using their smartphone.

The fountains, which can be found at King’s Cross Granary Square, London, allows passers by to play the game after downloading an app to their smartphone, which connects them and their mobile device to a series of lights and water spurts.

Once connected, the app tells you what colour and which fountain your snake is in.… Read more