Snake Venom cream information, reviews and buying guideSnake venom cream contains a polypeptide called SYN®-AKE, which contains a synthesized Waglerin 1, an ingredient of temple viper snake venom. It works like botox, relaxing the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but is topically applied to the skin, making it a non-invasive alternative to botox.

Snake Venom Cream Reviews

Here are our picks of the best snake venom creams on the market. We’ve chosen these creams based on their SYN®-AKE content, quality and value.

Mizon S-Venom Wrinkle Tox Cream


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Mizon S-Venom Wrinkle Tox cream is manufacturered by leading Korean skincare brand Mizon, contains 4% SYN®-AKE, and is the most popular Mizon snake venom cream on the market. In addition to it’s SYN®-AKE content, it also includes a number of other active ingredients such as Shea butter and Mango seed butter for skin smoothing, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta-Gluten and Allantoin for skin moisturising, as well as Vitamins E and B5, which work both to improve skin elasticity and as antioxidants.

S-Venom Wrinkle Tox can be used as a stand alone facial cream or as part of your existing daily skin care regime, and should be applied twice a day after cleansing for the best results.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalises skin and helps regeneration
  • Highly moisturising
  • Paraben free

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Skincare Snake Active Snake Venom Cream


4.5 stars, based on 3 reviews


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Skincare Snake Active is an anti-ageing facial cream which contains 4% of the active ingredient Syn-Ake, a synthesised version of a peptide that is found within the venom of temple vipers that has a similar action to botox, being able to smooth and tightening the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to SkinCare Snake Active’s Syn-Ake content, it’s also packed full of other active ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin E, organic silicon, hydrolysed soy and Tocopherol, all of which work together to keep the skin looking and feeling it’s best with this SkinCare snake venom cream.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalises skin and helps regeneration
  • Illuminates and unifies skin tone
  • Highly moisturising
  • Oil and paraben free

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Babaria Snake Venom Cream


5 stars, based on 9 reviews


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Babaria Snake Venom cream is a luxurious, silky-textured face cream that is composed of 4% SYN®-AKE. In addition to its ability to shrink fine lines and wrinkles, it also offers protection from the sun’s rays which play a significant role in the ageing process, being rated SPF 15. It’s also highly moisturising and suitable for all skin types.

Babaria snake venom cream can be used as a facial cream on its own, without additional moisturising products, or as part of your current daily skin care regime, applying the cream to the face at next twice a day for best results.

  • Highly moisturising
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben Free

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Snake venom cream benefits

SYN®-AKE has an effect on fine lines and wrinkles that is similar to that of botox, countering the signs of ageing by relaxing the facial muscles through paralysis, however, with SYN®-AKE this effect is temporary and doesn’t require injections or other invasive therapies to achieve. For the best results and anti-ageing benefits snake venom cream should be used continuously for at least 28 days, after which studies have shown that you should see a shrinkage in the size of wrinkles, reducing their appearance, leaving your face looking much more youthful.

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How snake venom cream works

Snake venom creams contain the polypeptide SYN®-AKE, a synthesized version of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper, a snake found throughout South East Asia. It was first synthesized by Swedish pharmaceutical company Pentapharm Ltd, who have marketed it as a safer, cheaper and less invasive alternative to botox injections. Like botox, Synake causes temporary facial paralysis, reducing muscular contraction, which when applied topically to the skin leads to a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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History of snake venom cream

For 30 years snake venom has been used by the medical community for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, in fact there are currently two drugs licensed by the FDA, MHRA and EMA for the prevention of heart attacks in patients with cardiovascular problems. These drugs are Integrilin (Eptifibatide), which contains a modified rattlesnake venom protein, and Aggrastat (Tirofiban), which is based on a protein found in the venom of the African saw-scalped viper.

The use of snake venom in cosmetic products is fairly recent, coming about as a result of the development of SYN®-AKE, a synthesized version of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper, a snake found throughout South East Asia. SYN®-AKE, developed by Sweish pharmaceutical company Pentapharm Ltd, has been utilised in a number of different skin cream brands for its botox-like properties, as it works very similar to botox, causing temporary facial paralysis which leads to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Snake venom cream first became popular around 2012, with celebrities including Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Debra Messing, having confessed to being fans of and using the product as part of their daily anti-ageing skin care regimes.

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